ASH Testimonial Video Final from Good Shot Video | Kevin Gill on Vimeo.

Additional Patient Testimonials

" I am the mother of Jesus Guzman who recently began treating with Dr. Weeden.  I originally sought Dr. Weeden because Jesus's head was strangely tilted to the side since birth.  He would also complain of headaches and of his legs being tired all the time.  To my surprise, his horrible snoring had gone away just after his first adjustment.  After a couple of treatments I noticed a big change in Jesus.  His headaches were gone, and he no longer complained about his legs being tired.  I am very thankful to Dr. Weeden for all she has done, and I am confident that will see even more results" - Norma Tolentino

"Alexa has had constipation problems since she was an infant. We tried everything from home remedies, to laxatives, and prescription drugs from her pediatrician and nothing seemed to help her.  I was then told by a close friend who works for a chiropractor that we should try chiropractic treatment.  The second day after she was adjusted we began seeing improvement.  Alexa's constipation was so bad that she would be scared and hide when she was having a bowel movement and ever since she has been getting adjusted by Dr. Weeden Alexa has had no constipation problems.  We are very happy with Dr. Weeden" - Mayra Martinez