Neck Pain FAQs

One of the most common reasons people make appointments at Absolute Spine and Health in Suwanee, GA, is for neck pain relief. Chiropractors are experts in neck pain treatment — and that is a good thing because neck pain is one of the most challenging of all pain conditions to treat without surgery or potentially addictive pain medications. The best course of action for anyone in Suwanee who has neck pain is to make an appointment with our chiropractor. Following are the answers to several questions we often receive about neck pain.


Why does my neck hurt?

It's not unusual for people to develop neck pain due to an injury they may not remember. Just seven tiny vertebrae known as the cervical spine hold the entire weight of the head. Unlike the rest of the spine, these vertebrae are attached directly to muscles. The absence of tendons gives the neck maximum flexibility so the head can move easily from left to right and tilt up and down. But it also makes the cervical spine uniquely susceptible to injury.

Whiplash and other injuries to the muscles in the neck often do not result in pain right away. It takes time for the muscles to attempt to rebuild themselves through a process that begins with inflammation. We only feel pain when muscles begin to swell and pull the cervical vertebrae out of alignment. Then the misalignment of the spine can pull other muscles to make the neck more vulnerable to another injury. There may be several injury episodes before neck pain becomes unbearable. Fortunately, your chiropractor can help.

What can my chiropractor do for neck pain?

Chiropractors treat causes, not symptoms. Your chiropractor will use an x-ray and simple, painless, non-invasive office testing to determine where your cervical spine is out of alignment. Then your chiropractor can use gentle treatments to correct the spinal problem that perpetuates the muscle problem. No medications and no surgery are ever involved.

What kinds of treatments will my chiropractor use for neck pain?

Your chiropractor will often use cervical manipulation. This is a series of precise manipulations of the spine, usually applied by hand. This results in increased mobility of the spine and increased flexibility of adjoining muscles. Most patients notice a reduction in stiffness and pain that improves with every treatment. Your chiropractor also has drug-free treatments that relieve pain.

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